About Antivirus false positive on Windows



Valkyrie is a new product, as such a few antivirus vendors that are not familiar with it flag it erroneously as a potential threat.

Rest assured that we take great care in building the software and that only our own code is part of the installation package.

We’re currently working with AV providers to clear things up, but being a small company we expect it to take a bit of time.

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It seems that most problems come from Avast.
You can follow the following link to whitelist Valkyrie in Avast. The Antivirus should not bother you after that :slight_smile:


I’m using windows defender and didn’t get any issues :smiley:


Just in case some of you are still hesitant, you can upload our installer on this website, it will scan the file in the database of most Antiviruses available on the market.

Only AVG and Avast (which are from the same company) are reporting our software.

We tried our best to have them correct the situation, however it might take some time.



Good news!
After exchanging with Avast, they updated their AV base (and AVG too).
Please notify us if any other problem is happening.

Here is the screenshot from virustotal: