Earn up to S$150k funding if you win Singapore Airlines app Challenge with Valkyrie Engine!

Do you think you can help Singapore Airlines redefine the travel experience?

If you are a startup located anywhere or a student with an idea, read on.

Selected candidates stand a chance to obtain:

  • cash prizes, miles or Silicon Valley tour.
  • access to an accelerator program with funding up to 150k SGD to further develop their project.
  • networking, mentoring, exposure…

All you need to do is submit your 10 pages pitch deck and video/prototype before August 25th.

And what is best is that Valkyrie Engine can help you create that prototype in no time, as usual without coding!
If you take the challenge with Valkyrie, we will assist you in order to make it happen.

Here are the different challenges and a few examples of ideas you could develop easily with Valkyrie Engine:

Customer Experience: On-Ground

Provide a 3D walk-through map of the airport terminals so that passengers can virtually visit a terminal aisle or a facility before choosing to cover that distance walking. You could also simulate their route from point A to point B, or display real-time flight data by connecting to REST/JSON APIs.

Customer Experience: Lounge

Overlay dietary information in AR with a QR label on each dishes proposed in the buffet section of the Lounge area.

Customer Experience: In-Flight

Create a game for simulating emergency procedures and evacuation from the cabin, or a mobile app for providing feedback on the different entertainment content.

Travel Ecosystem: KrisShop

Create offline to online engagement by laying out QR codes in the onflight catalogues and physical displays in airport lounges to visualize products and facts in AR.

Engineering: Aircraft Maintenance

Link all facts and maintenance procedures of aircraft equipment on detailed & interactive 3D models, for easy access by the technicians on a tablet.
Enable the 3D visual monitoring of all IoT objects implemented on aircraft equipment.

Sustainability: Resource Management

Engage staff and customers in helping with energy/water savings through interactive games or 3D visit of the facilities.

More general information on the Singapore Airlines app challenge website.