[Example] FullKeyboard - Type out some text


Hi guys, check out this example.

This is a working example of how to capture text and have it show up in the UI. You can look through the project file and modify it as needed. There is a template already made and linked below. Just unzip it and put the template in your templates folder. When you refresh the list it should show up. Drag it to your timeline and your should be good to go. You may need to make sure that it is last/at the bottom of the timeline list so it renders on top of everything.

You can use the normal keyboard keys, shift, and caps locks. The symbols, numbers, and cases should all work.

The number pad isn’t fully working right now. I’ll figure that one out in the future.

Be careful when using some of the keys in the editor. You’ll probably end up deleting something or changing your layout by mistake.




The project file. It has the level and comments to help figure out what is going.

The template. Unzip and put it in your template folder.

Here is what it should look like:


Hi Troy,

Thanks for sharing!
What are you building this for? :slight_smile:
It seems to work fine for me, except when I try the Japanese IME.



Hi G,
I am not building this for any one thing in particular but it is part of the foundation to build a lot applications.

In addition to the writing there is also deleting included. You can press or hold Backspace to get the expected result.

This is designed around the US keyboard since that is the only one that I am familar with. I am glad it worked for you in some capacity!

I’ll release some new examples based off of this template…


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