[Example] MeasureIt!

MeasureIt! is a quick and easy template that you can bring into your project to do some simple measurements.

Below are working examples for measuring in your scene.
I’ve included the working project. You can unzip it and open the project to see how how it works. There is a comment on the layer that explains the workings in greater detail.

You need Vlk v20190215_2245 or newer for MeasureIt to completely work.

There are 3 templates you can use. Two of them need to be used together.
MeasureIt TestScene.enitty.pl
MeasureIt UI.entity.pl

TestScene and UI need to be used together. Simply drag them into your level and make sure the MeasureIt UI layer is the last.

If you know what you are doing you can use MeasureIt.entity.pl by itself.

A working exe that you can play around with.

The project files:

Here are the templates.

Here is what it looks like:



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Interesting app!
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