Example of Facility management or other non game apps

Hello everyone!
It’s very nice to see that Valkyrie is continuing its development!
First of all, I should say I am not a game creator, I am working in an engineering company, and we are very interested in finding new approaches for our building automation solutions, and not only for them, but also for client presentations, and maybe even AR solutions that will help our people on the construction site, It seems Valkyrie is suitable for all of it? Or not? In applications section on the homepage Facility management and IoT are listed, but I couldn’t find any examples for such applications and don’t even know where to start. So if someone can tell me how, for example, connect the app created in Valkyrie to BACnet, or make real-time multilayer BIM visualization app it will really help.
Thank you for your answers!

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Hello Nottengame,

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!

Valkyrie allows you to create facility management apps featuring live IOT data. Everything you create for Windows can also be experienced in AR.

Regarding the facility management app, building the client app won’t require any code but as Valkyrie can’t read bacnet data natively, you will have to convert it into JSON endpoints.

First, you would import your 3D models and create the necessary interactions for the navigation as well as for the layering system.

The next step would require you to design the UI and decide where the IOT data points will be displayed.

As stated above, Valkyrie can’t read bacnet directly so you’d need a server to convert the bacnet data into JSON endpoints (there are some third parties who offer that service). We have a simple action to read JSON endpoints in Valkyrie, it also allows you to manage the data refresh rate depending on your requirements.

An example of what can be achieved is visible here:

Let us know if you would like to hear more details.


Thanks for answer Louis!
So, EyeOT3D is own Talansoft BMS solution build on Valkyrie Engine?
It’s super cool!
It is maybe possible to get a demo of this product? I’d really love to show it to my сolleagues.

Hi Nottengame,

You are exactly right.

You can check out this demo we did for data centers.

and that other one for smart cities.