[Example] Text Input Target


Here is an example that shows how you can start using some text fields to get user input. It isn’t 100% but a great starting point so that you can customize it for your own app or game.

The template should be drag and drop. Once the template is added to your scene there is an example template. Just duplicate it and make whatever changes you need.

If you want to do things like username/password or email addresses, you’ll have to do some additional work and make tweaks to the keyboard input.

Right now TAB doesn’t do anything. That will require some special setup. It’d be easy to ‘hardcode’ it though.

The EXE:

The template:

The project:

And here is what it looks like:



@Troy what’s the difference between the template and the project .zip?


If I did everything right, the template is just the entitypl that can be added to your template folder and drag/dropped into the scene. The project.zip is the entire project contents zipped by using the ‘project’ export option in the exporter. It should have the level, any gfx used, and the comments. (edit: it also includes all the setup you see in the linked jpg- the template is just the main components.)

My thinking is that once you know how to use the entitypl template you won’t need the level… so you can just keep all the entitypl templates in your template folder for each project as shortcuts to adding different features (measuring, keyboard, input). For me, that is what I am doing.

The other option is to copy/paste entities from the example to your project. I use that feature a lot.



That’s super neat, I’ll take a closer look :slight_smile: