[Example] Write It Out


Here is an example to get text to play back like you’d see in RPG dialog boxes. You can use this as a springboard to build RPG styled cut scenes or text reveals in title sequences, among other things.

The template is drag and drop. There is an example that you can turn on or off to ‘debug’ your setup.

The Exe:

The Project:

The Template:

Here is what it looks like:

Here are some notes from the comments:



Nice, I’m not sure how to change the playback speed though.

One issue I noted is that the sound seems to go out of sync, when do you trigger the sound playback? You should be able to play the sfx at the same time as you add the letter.


And the “answer” text doesnt have a black border :wink:

Might not be related, but you can set the sorting mode of the camera to “Z” so that the rendering sorts strictly based on the Z component of the entity even when not using an ortho camera. Its the simplest way to do UIs, the default distance based sorting is more suited to general 3d environments.


HI Pierre,
You can use the enter key to speed up the playback between normal, fast, and instant.

I am triggering the sound when the letter is written but there may be a .25 delay in the stat since I was copying and pasting the SetProperty actions and haven’t gone through and cleaned everything up yet. This was a quick bash together to keep me motivated.

The text entity generally gives me problems. Since this is just a wip I haven’t gone in and ‘fixed’ the text yet. Sometimes it starts with the boarder and sometimes it doesn’t. Then if a change is made to the text entity it will draw with the boarder again. Anyway, I’ll clean it up this weekend and make the example available.

The only thing that doesnt work for sure is the sound on/off toggle; dispite what the ui notes say.

I may add a couple buttons in the ui to toggle the playback and sound but I want to keep the examples as basic as possible so they are easy to follow.



I’ll take a look at the text entity, it shouldnt give this kind of problem. If you find a reliable way of reproducing the issue with the border flag please lmk.

.25 delay might be what I’m hearing :slight_smile:


Okay, updated the WriteItOut from wip to Example. Hopefully it fixed some of the noticed issues. If not it is still a great starting point :slight_smile: