[Features] Asgard - Convert Scenes to Apps


Automated creation of your own branded Mobile Applications

  • We provide a service that enables a customer to publish a vpk file as an iOS and/or Android application in an automated way, without requiring any technical knowledge.

  • Once the vpk + requested media is uploaded to us (via email, dropbox link, or TalanSoft’s web interface) it will be processed, and within 48 hours a native application will be forwarded to you via a private download link.

  • The applications have to be digitally signed for you to publish them on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. As such, you will need your own Apple and/or Google developer accounts (at your expense) and will have to share with us your signing certificates. If you cannot do so, we unfortunately cannot provide this service.

  • The native application ends up in the ipa format for iOS & apk format for Android. You are responsible for the final step of publishing which consist of uploading the said file to the respective stores, as well as providing all the related marketing materials required by said stores.

  • We are not responsible if your app is rejected by a store. Each store has guidelines about specific requirements you need to fill and what type of app they allow to be published. You are ultimately responsible of following these guidelines.

  • You need to be a business license holder to access this service.

  • For more information check out the pricing page

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