[Features] We3D - Scene Player


What is We3D?

  • We3D can be downloaded for free by anyone on the App Store and is used to read on iOS any scene created with Valkyrie Engine in a vpk format. It can be used to test out the scenes you created on iOS before turning them into standalone mobile apps, or to distribute your scenes to your own customers so that they can execute them on We3D.

  • Think of a vpk file as a PowerPoint file, you can redistribute it in the same manner. We3D is the application you use to read the file on mobile devices.

  • On a side note, on desktop you can publish directly in an exe format for Windows or use the Valkyrie Player which is bundled with the free download of Valkyrie to read the vpk.

Features available in We3D:

  • Manage augmented reality and 3d scenes created with the Valkyrie Engine.
  • Display your AR scenes using markerless or marker-based anchors.
  • Scale AR scenes in real-time to make them fit in your environment.
  • Add Valkyrie scenes using iOS sharing features. Use “Copy to We3D” when opening the Valkyrie Scene file (.vpk or .exe) in the “Files” app or any other file sharing app.
  • Add Valkyrie scenes with your web browser using the built-in web interface.
  • Download sample scenes we have posted on our website directly from the app.
  • Share your scenes directly from the app.

To learn how to use We3D, go to the related tutorial.