[MMD] Miku Miku Dance for Valkyrie Engine Beta

Introduction | 序論

Our development team is adding support for Miku Miku Dance models & animations to Valkyrie. We are looking for MMD users to join our efforts to improve the software.

As beta testers, you will have early access to new features and bug fixes before the release date.

Please note that your user experience with the beta version will be different from the public version of the product.

We appreciate your help! the feedback you provide is integral to our development process.

ソフトウェア開発チームは、Miku Miku DanceモデルとアニメーションのサポートをValkyrieに追加しています。そのために我々はMMDのユーザーを探してます、ソフトウェアを改善する取り組みに参加してください。



What is Valkyrie? | バルキリーは何ですか?

Valkyrie is a creation platform that empowers designers and regular folks to create AR & 3D apps without any programming knowledge. This is made possible by our intuitive timeline based editor which allows you to setup all the interactions in an intuitive, visual manner.

By supporting MMD files, our goal is to easily allow users to experience & share their creations in Augmented Reality and on mobile devices.



( c ) Kizuna AI

How to join the beta? | どんなに参加する?

For Windows Users | ウィンドウズのユーザー

  1. Install this version of Valkyrie Engine. このバージョンをインストールしてください。
  2. Read this tutorial to get started. このチュートリアルを読んでください。

For iOS Users | iOSのユーザー

  1. Install TestFlight on the iOS device. iOSデバイスにTestFlightをインストールして
  2. Open this link from your iOS device. iOSデバイスからこのリンクを開きして
  3. Tap View in TestFlight or Start Testing. TestFlightで「表示」をタップして。

Reporting issues | バグを報告する

To report issues or share feedback, simply post on this thread. As new beta releases will be made available, please specify the version you are using when posting.


Known issues | 既知のバグ

  • Currently only PMD & VMD files can be imported (PMX file support coming soon).
  • When multiple characters are in the scene, the VMD file must have a different name for each character.
  • Scaling the models breaks the physics.
  • The models need to be reloaded if the VMD animation is changed.
  • Some models may cause the software to crash.

Rules | ルール

Please respect the wishes of the model creators when participating to this beta.

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