[News] We3D version 2.11

Welcome version 2.11 of our iOS app, We3D!

Download We3D here.

New features:

And we fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed issue when using “Open in We3D” from the Apple’s Files app.
  • Fixed rendering issue with the bundled AR sample.

Lastly, we updated the tutorial on how to use the app.

Hi Guillaume,
Does this version support capturing a video of an AR session for example? I used this on the previous version, but now I can’t find it.


Hi Darren,

We had to remove it because we were using an Apple library that was unstable and was breaking on some iOS devices (iPad Mini 5 is one) as well as every time Apple made an Xcode update.

This feature is built in since iOS 11, so you’re not losing anything. I posted a quick how to here for reference.


Hi Guillaume,
OK that makes sense. Thanks for the update.

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