Send messages to a Json API

Hi everyone,

I’ve been successful retrieving data from a Json API and was wondering how to send messages back.

The server engineers I work with created a MMORPG style framework to cater for a lot of users. They are asking me if I can send them some messages so they can know when to process certain streams.

There’s a datatable read URL action that could perhaps do the trick but is there a specific action to send messages?


The DataTableReadURL does a regular HTTP GET request, which you can use to send data without issue.

For example:[1,2,3]

Thanks it works!

We use it in this fashion.

  1. Upon a successful client side login, a message is sent to the server to check the video streaming rights of the user.
  2. If the user has a high enough level of authority he can stream certain things other users can’t.
  3. When converting some video feeds to mjpeg, the server checks who is logged in and starts / kill the conversion job when the camera is selected, unselected.

The guys are frankly impressed by the ease of use for a fairly complex task!

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