Siggraph Asia 2018



We went to Siggraph Asia 2018! This year it took place in Tokyo, we often discussed about doing a trip to Japan so we decided to go a few days ahead of the conference to explore.

The arrival in Japan:

Tokyo is an impressive high tech city with spectacular views.

With the cold weather, we also wanted to try some hot springs so we headed to Atami in the Shizuoka prefecture.

We had the chance to witness deep red maple leaves in Atami.

Our hotel was a Ryoukan featuring a hotspring & a super nintendo :smiley:
After the bath we played a bit of Street Fighter!
Unfortunately my opponent didn’t know who he was against with :wink:

The next day we had to head back to Tokyo.

We checked-in at the Henn-na hotel, literally the weird hotel. We weren’t aware that it was completely managed by robots…
Until the uncanny valley hit us like a truck!

The Show:

This year most exhibitors were showcasing realtime performance capture technologies.

AR & VR were also popular.

We strolled around the booths, attended talks and enjoyed delicious food daily.

Before we knew it, it was already the last day of the show.

So we took some memory shots.

And didn’t forget to have fun with AR!

To conclude, we had an awesome week in Tokyo and can’t wait to go back!
We also got published in a few Japanese CG magazines such as:


Oh yeah, pretty fun stuff everywhere in Japan!
We’re rooting for our Japanese users to start building awesome apps!


Very nice! Tokyo is awesome, looking forward to new tech.