[Tutorial] Create a custom AR marker for your scene

Everything you need to know about custom AR markers

Set up the marker in Valkyrie

For the sake of example, we will show how to add this image to a vlk scene as an AR marker.

First copy your image (talansoft_ar_test.png) in your VLK project directory.

Then in your scene, select the Level and go to the Publish section to find the field armarker_image:

Finally, drag and drop the AR image onto the field

That’s it, now you can save and export the Valkyrie scene file (VPK)!

Use your AR marker with We3D

Transfer your Valkyrie scene to We3D to try your marker.
Notice the thumbnail of your AR marker in the top-left corner of the screen.

If you are not sure how to upload to We3D, refer to the upload section of this tutorial.

Small-size AR markers example

Watch this demo video to see how a small-sized AR marker works out in We3D.

The AR scene will be scaled relative to the size of the AR marker. Just note that you might not get quality results with a smaller marker size.
Think of the possibilities it brings, printing your marker on business cards, pamphlets, magazines…