We3D for android?

hey guys, im very interested in valkyrie, I publish comics and usually demonstrate some type of AR experience at conventions in which fans love

whether its a 3d character of ours, or an animated panel within the comic book it really does well for us

im interested in doing some markerless life scale
experiences with our characters, but my workflow would be for android, is there a way to try your app with android?

will be waiting on any answer I can get, thanks

We do have a basic Android player, but it only does regular 3D at the moment.

We’ve started work on adding ARcore for Android. We’re currently testing on Pixel phones (3a XL & 4) and Samsung Galaxy (8 and above), so it should it will work well on those devices. Unfortunately due to the nature of the Android ecosystem we can’t guarantee it’ll work flawlessly on devices we don’t have for testing, that being said we’re hoping that all ARcore certified devices will do a good job of it, the list is at: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices

Let me know if you’d like to try the “3d only” version, that I can get to you in the coming days - we only need to do some minor cleanup to release it. If you want to be notified of the progress please do register an account on talansoft.com/vlk, we’ll send an email once we have a beta version ready.

If you feel even more adventurous we’ll publish early alpha versions of We3D for ARcore on the forum. We’re hoping to have a first alpha in the next 20 days.

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ok, that sounds promising!

im willing to try a 3D only build!

stoked for any alpha releases here on the forum!

Great, I’ll update this post as soon as its up.

ok great! will be waiting

@battlemasterZ Here’s the first version of We3D for Android: We3D beta for Android

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ok greatness! will let you updated, on how it goes, thanks!

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hey guys, hope all is going well!

is there any new status change on the alpha release?

the 3d only version worked ok with my android, now looking forward to the other good stuff


Hey @battlemasterZ, thanks for the feedback, we’re hoping to have the ARCore version of We3D for Android in the next few weeks, no precise ETA yet unfortunately.

We’ve been working on new training content and servicing our B2B customers. We’re still a small team so sadly it took away the resources we had allocated to the Android version, that’ll be back on track by the end of Feb.