WIP Build Valkyrie-20181224_1805 (Windows Only)



New build of Vlk, still WIP: https://cdn2.talansoft.com/redist/Valkyrie-20181224_1805.exe

  • Package signing is done, so if you publish with a commercial license you shouldn’t have the watermark anymore
  • We tested the TileMap shader - that’s still heavily WIP, but that allows you to nice organic texture blending with up to three textures per materlal up to 16 textures per tilemap, documentation / tutorial will be done once we have a final version done, I want to add the setup in the Material Editor directly
  • Bunch of fixes for the macOS verison - that is still internal, but its progressing :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Added a way of decomposing transforms to absolute Yaw/Pitch/Roll angles, to prep for changing the angle display in the inspector to be absolute instead of relative - not done yet