WIP Build Valkyrie-20190430_0434 (Windows)

(Superceeded, removed file) https://cdn2.talansoft.com/redist/Valkyrie-20190430_0434.exe

  • ViewEd: Added “Plain” rendering mode - rendering without any shader.
  • Simpler shader cache. Reverted the way “save as” work to copy the whole shader cache from the previous level - as it was before.
  • Fixed BGR<->BGR swap not being done at load time in the VlkPlayer.
  • Fixed material editor issue. If you had “foo.png” in a channel of a source model (doesnt matter which format), then cleared it in the material editor, it would always restore “foo.png” when the level was reloaded. Now it wont.
  • Action/DataTableReadURL: Trigger “ActionFailed” for any kind of error reading data from the specified URL.
  • macOS: Fixed issue with app menu bar when launching Vlk from the terminal (the OS level menu bar).
  • macOS: Touch events support. You can use an Apple Trackpad to emulate all touch events you’d have on a touch screen.
  • macOS: FullScreen button works in addition of the title bar button.
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This is the latest version.