[WIP] Command & Conquer 95 Fanart


Hi, hope I’m posting in the correct section. I’m a 3D artist from Singapore and am recently learning to use the Valkyrie Engine. It has a lot of potential to be something great so keep up the good work guys! :slight_smile:

This is a work-in-progress, I hope to one day do up a playable FPS level where the player plays as the Brotherhood of Nod and has to defend the Airstrip, which is the only structure capable of producing any unit, against the hordes of invading GDI units! An MCV has been ordered and therefore the player has to defend for maybe 5 - 10 min while waiting for the cargo plane to arrive with the MCV, so as to restore base construction capabilities to fight back the GDI!

Hope you guys like it! Critiques and comments are welcomed! :slight_smile:

I’ll post more once you guys think that I’m worthy lol!


Hi & welcome Vertyces,

Looking cool! I’m curious about your terrain, are you using vertex paint to blend the rocks & the snow?
We have a pipeline for that, I’ll upload a sample scene for you to see how it can be done.
This would allow you to have multiple tiling textures and to blend them seamlessly.

I noticed the resolution of your shadow is quite low, I’m imagining that you’re using a single directional light that’s casting shadows on the entire environment.

I’d recommend creating a directional light array constrained to your camera. The light at the middle of your array could be set to cast shadows in 4K while the other lights would cast shadows in a lower resolution. That would allow you to have cascaded shadow maps and your area of interest would always have sharp dynamic shadows.

Good stuff! looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Regarding the shadow quality/resolution, one thing you can try is to add the “NoShadow” flag on the materials on the terrain - you probably don’t want/need the terrain to cast shadows - that would allow the shadow map to be used more effectively.

For a bit more of explanation, the shadow map of directional lights are automatically focused to the area covered by what the camera and the light “see”, if you include a large terrain or geometry in there the resolution usage will be fairly poor in general. When you exclude large objects from the shadow map you get much better usage of the shadow map and thus sharper shadows.

Let us know if you need more clarification, happy to help :slight_smile:


This sounds like an excellent introduction to using Vlk. As others have mentioned, if you have questions feel free to ask them. My focus is mostly on the logic setup so I wont be able to give much input on the graphics. I’m still learning though!